Monitors need quality a/c

I tried getting work with whoever would hire me when I first graduated school because i had a lot of school debts to pay off. I tried looking for work that wasn’t minimum wage pay.  I finally landed great work with a professional IT business cleaning out their PC room and doing a little repair work. It wasn’t much to start however it was better than a fast food joint.  The only bad thing about the work was that the room with the PCs was so cold! My boss explained that the thermometer needed to be set at least 20 degrees cooler than any other room to be sure the PCs wouldn’t overheat and would process the digital information well.  Computers put out a lot of heat themselves, so they need to be in a heavily monitored temperature controlled area. I was consistently careful with the requirements because I needed the work, however when a new guy was hired I knew there’d be trouble. He didn’t seem to recognize keeping the PCs cool was pressing and would adjust the control device to suit his personal temperature preferences!  Once when I was relieving his shift, the room was so darn hot that alarm lights were flashing all over the control panel! I wanted to grow within the business so I advocated that my boss get a remote control device to control that temperature sensitive room. He’d still have to hire someone to scrub the room and I certainly was talking myself out of a work, however he liked my suggestion. He did install a smart control device and I had the responsibility of checking on the PC room.  My coworker did eventually get fired and I was promoted to a better position within the year.

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