My mom’s heated floors

I am single and just out of college. I have entered the workforce and I live in small apartment. Life is not bad, but it is not great either. I have been trying to save money anywhere I can with my student loans looming over my head. I have been eating not so much and only drinking water. I also have been really stingy when it comes to heating and cooling. I only use my space heaters in the winter for my apartment. Because of how cold it gets where I am from, I have to use multiple heaters. I have them placed strategically around my apartment and I keep them on only when I am home. So when come home from work, my house is like an ice box. I now have gotten in the habit of going over to my mom’s place. She has heated floors in her home. The radiant flooring is a wonder to behold. The moment I come in I feel how cozy and warm my feet are. The heat being at the base level is smart. No heated air is wasted as it rise up to your ceilings. It stays at the floor level and warms all the way up through your body. Because of that, the heating system does not have to be set to as high of a temperature. Also the way the radiant heater is run through the flooring, you have no hot and cold spots. The heat is evenly distributed throughout. Also besides the hydronic heating, there is nothing like a home cooked meal from you mother.

heated flooring