Modern HVAC technology

The first day of winter isn’t always chilly, but it is more often just a cool fall day.  This year, it didn’t know what it wanted to be.  The day started out at about forty degrees, and the temperature fell throughout the day.  It started to rain in the afternoon, and after almost an inch of rain, the temperatures fell sharply again.  The water turned to ice, and it has stayed there ever since.  I am so glad that we have a great HVAC system.  We can set the thermostat to sixty-eight, and it will stay there all day long without any doubt.  My husband set it on a timer so that when evening comes, the only rooms that have the benefit of the heating are the bedrooms and bathroom.  It works out really well, and we love the benefit of the timer and the zone control because of how much energy it saves us.  The modern HVAC system and all of its add-ons are true energy savings technology.  When I was kid, we had a thermostat, but it helped to keep the air warm.  There wasn’t a timer, and there wasn’t any zone control.  If you happened to be in one of the rooms that was closest to the furnace, you had good heat.  The further away from the furnace, the less heat you had.  We didn’t have air conditioning, and I don’t think we ever really cared.  In the winter, you pulled out an extra blanket and put it underneath you to help with the heating.  In the summer, we left our windows open.  The HVAC is a great thing but most people have no clue how great it is.

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