My memories of our air conditioner

Have you ever heard of a smart thermostat?  This type of control connects to the Wi-Fi in your house and can be managed from your smart phone. If you aren’t familiar with this type of technology, you should look into it.   I am strongly considering investing in a smart thermostat when I replace the old thermostat in my house. I live in a Southerner state.  It can often  start out freezing cold in the morning and warm up throughout the day.  Being able to raise or lower temperature while I am at work would be super convenient, especially on those days when the temperature drastically changes while I am away from home. On those mornings when it starts out very chilly, I normally have the heat on.  If the outside temperature heats up, however, I don’t want to come home to an overheated house.  A smart thermostat would allow me to turn off the heat, save money on energy costs, and if necessary,  turn on the air conditioning.  I could handle all this through my smartphone while at my desk at work. I would enjoy coming home to the ideal temperature.  I would not step inside and need to immediately make a change to the thermostat.  I would be comfortable without waiting for the air conditioner to cool the place down. I am the type of person who dislikes waiting for the air conditioner or the furnace to turn on so that I can be comfortable in my own house. A smart thermostat  is the perfect solution.  It would be wonderfully convenient, improve comfort, and probably save me money.  


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