Maybe I should talk to my mom

I’m a fairly proud man and I dislike asking for help with just about anything. But I really dislike having to ask my own mom for help, because she’ll hold it over me for the rest of our life. I try to keep all of my problems completely hidden from her, or else she will butt into the situation, provide a lot of annoying advice, and lecture me for months on end about it. That’s why it has been so difficult to ask her for help in affording a new Heating plus A/C unit for my new place. But  the thing is, I spent all of my savings relocating from my old condo to a brand new place thousands of miles away, not expecting to immediately have heating and cooling problems in the new place within the first week. Then as soon as I moved in, there was an onslaught of control unit and air conditioner catastrophes that I had to address as soon as I could due to the sweltering heat of this new house. It wasn’t possible to take any extra time and make intelligent decisions when these breakdowns occurred, because it was truly a matter of life and death. Each time I had to call our the Heating plus A/C supplier I watched piles of money go down the drain, and knew I was digging myself into a massive ditch. After two weeks of this, my whole machine finally died once and for all, and I had nothing left to buy a new system. That’s when I had to just suck it up and call mom. air conditioning