Marijuana can make your life better

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been diligently searching for a good part time job that I can work at in the evenings. I am constantly scouring the newspaper to find any ads or new jobs, and I look online almost every single day. I signed up for a couple of services that will immediately send me an email about a new job, too, so I am always checking my inbox for any email updates. It’s challenging to find a job that will allow me to work for a few hours in the evening, and my full time job often has me working until 6 or 7 at night. Thankfully, I think that all that hard work that I have been doing is finally starting to pay off. There’s a new job posting that I am really interested in, but it’s definitely not a traditional job–I would be working with a cannabis shop and helping to deliver weed for marijuana house calls. This type of service is a really new thing that marijuana shops are beginning to provide, but it seems as though marijuana house calls are exactly the same thing as delivering food. While making weed house calls during the evening, I would take in orders from the online system at the weed shop and drive across town to deliver them. The hours are really great, and I could also be doing a lot of good by assisting those in need of medical marijuana due to their health condition. Many people can’t get to a cannabis shop, so it would be nice to be the one delivering cannabis house calls and helping them feel better!  

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