My man using the air conditioner

Before I finally got engaged to my husband, we had been dating for nearly six years. However, both of our parents are staunchly conservative, and they asked us to wait to live together until after we got married. Both of us wanted to respect their demands plus moved in together about a week after we got married. However, sometimes I wish I could have lived with him before we got married. I know now that I would never have changed my mind, but it might have helped me to grow accustomed to some of his strange ways. My husband certainly isn’t difficult to live with in any way. He carries out the trash, assists with the laundry, plus makes sure the dishes are washed at the end of lunch! It isn’t like he is a terrible husband who doesn’t do anything. However, there is a single habit that he does that bugs myself and others more than it needs to. He continuously runs the air conditioner throughout the year. I don’t mind the air conditioner functioning in the middle of the summertime time, but we are in the dead of Winter season plus he is functioning our Heating plus A/C plan like it is the summertime. Even if I turn it off as soon as I think he isn’t looking, he immediately walks over the the HVAC unit and turns it back on without telling me how he knew. With the air conditioner on all day, I have to bundle up, even in the summer. Though I dream of the day when he will change his ways, I struggle to believe that he ever will.

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