Mall air conditioner is a lot

I had a huge amount of shopping to do a few weeks ago. This happened to me just about every year. For some reason our family had 5 birthdays altogether in a single month! So, every year we all would go frantically shopping to buy birthday gifts. It always made me wonder why we didn’t just space out our gift buying all year long. Anyway, I went to the area shopping mall to get some gifts, and when I entered that complex I faced a frigidly cold blast of air. It felt like they had adjusted the thermostat to north pole settings! It was June, but here I was wishing I’d brought a jacket! I didn’t remember the air conditioner being set so high in the mall in the past. Maybe they had an issue with the HVAC system, I wondered. I walked around for a little bit in the frosty air from the HVAC system. I really couldn’t take it anymore about just a little while. I walked up to a security guard and asked why was the air conditioning on so high. He shrugged his shoulders in ignorance. I decided to travel home and shop online within the comfort of my own HVAC system. My loved ones might get their gifts late, but I couldn’t take the cold anymore from that overworking air conditioner. Managed to get in my car, adjusted the thermostat to somewhat of a hot temperature to warm up, and drove home to my own HVAC system and ordered their gifts online. They would just need to deal with the gifts coming late! I stumbled upon some really good gifts though, so I thought they wouldn’t mind.

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