Making sure the heat pump is safe

My grandson likes to play around with my outdoor heat pump unit. He will gather pine needles from the yard and drop them into the component while the fan is on, and then watch them get tangled up inside the fan. I don’t really mind as long as he doesn’t get hurt. The heat pump has protective bars around it to prevent anyone from getting their fingers caught up in the fan. Still, I don’t always feel comfortable with him playing with a Heating and Air Conditioning unit which has moving parts and is connected to a high voltage electrical source. I know I’ll just have to make the heat pump off limits, even though I don’t really like to be the kind of Grandma that is always setting a lot of limits. When I was a kid, my family and I didn’t have Heating and Air Conditioning systems with heat pumps and the like. Our home simply had window AC units and a gas oil furnace. I know there were less things for us to get into trouble with back then. When you think about it, what little boy wouldn’t be attracted to a big metal machine which blows air and makes a lot of noise? He also likes to fiddle with the thermostat. Even though the thermostat is high on the wall, it is lighted up, so he is attracted to it in the dark hallway where it is located. He is always wanting me to lift him up so he can play with the buttons on the unit. Occasionally I let him change the temperature so he can learn his numbers better. He also enjoys the way the thermostat beeps when you adjust it. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a Heating and Air Conditioning provider!

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