Major non profit and HVAC

For about 6 years now, I have worked for a nonprofit. I care about our task because I think that the task I am doing is going to a charming cause, plus I am constantly surrounded by others who are gleeful about what they are accomplishing. I believe on staying with that organization for a long while, despite the fact that I do have one major complaint about my office! The Heating as well as Air Conditioning system in our building is consistently shutting down. It appears like the Heating as well as Air Conditioning mechanic has to visit us once a month, however when the Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit gives out, the cooling system does not operate properly plus the building becomes entirely too humid. This is a problem, not only because the others I work with and I are uncomfortable, but also because the people I work with and I have affiliates that are donors in and out of this building on a daily basis. All of us have to ensure that these donors are comfortable while the people I work with and I meet with them. We need to make sure they are impressed with what the people I work with and I were doing because they are some of our top supporters. It does not leave a nice impression on a possible donor, when they have to visit an office that is not properly cooled while going through a meeting. I think that I am put off by this fact that the air conditioner is very unpredictable, so I can only wonder what an outsider might think when they visit. Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems are entirely the most important things in any place which houses a business. I think our organization should improve on making sure that ours is working right and running, at all times.