We’re all loving the air conditioning

This daughter I love so much decided to move out of the house instead of going to higher education. Her father and I were very strongly against her dropping out, but she insisted. Several friends and her rented a condo downtown. They were very excited about moving out on their own, and I did try to warn them. The home was a two bedroom townhouse, and two girls were going to be sleeping in a bedroom. My daughter and them were going to be splitting the rent 50/50. The apartment had a small window a/c unit which has been located in the living part of the apartment. It looked very old and additionally I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t last 4 weeks. My daughter called us crying how that a/c unit stopped working on them. Her landlord told these young people that any repairs to any window a/c unit, was their own personal responsibility. I was very surprised to hear that, but after looking within a copy of the lease, the landlord spoke accurately. I told my daughter that any of us could lend them the revenue, to be able to obtain a new window a/c unit. It took three long weeks of miserable heat and humidity before they gave in and asked for help. My husband and I transpired to the hardware store and purchased an exciting new unit for the apartment. We delivered it and my better half helped them install the a/c equipment. We urged our daughter to move out of that place, instead of renewing the lease. We can then charge the apartment owner for the a/c unit!

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