We’re loving the air conditioner

They said college would be hard. They said I’d pull a lot of all nighters trying to get the best work out of myself possible and keep my GPA up. They also said I wouldn’t have period to do things like cook for myself and get a social life, so my diet would include instant food, free booze, and my social life might possibly be centered only around study parties. What they didn’t tell me is that the toughest part about the college experience is continually freezing inside prolonged lectures for a few hours a week. The heater within the main academic building at my school is actually broken for just over a month now, with no word of them being fixed. As a effect, no heat whatsoever comes through the vents and the classes can drop inside the thirties at times. Several professors have gotten space heaters with regard to their classrooms but that can solely work so well for that long. Many students, professors and other various professionals at Kretchmer Dentistry in the building have filed complaints with the chairs of different departments appropriately about getting an HVAC company in to examine the busted heating system, but nobody has made any progress on the situation. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the main system, air ducts, the vents or precisely what. All I know is that I’m getting sick and tired with living without central heating for over twenty hours each week, and I can only wear an abundance of layers inside the classroom. I can only hope they get the heater fixed prior to the semester’s end.

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