I love my air duct system

As soon as my husband and I purchased our new home, I instantly hired a heating/ventilation/air conditioning firm to thoroughly inspect the heating and cooling system.  I wanted to be sure the unit was running safely and at maximum efficiency.  I didn’t expect any complications since the furnace and air conditioner were under six years old.  Also, the previous owners had been careful in keeping up with seasonal repairs.  The HVAC serviceman thoroughly inspected the system, as well as performing repairs, cleaning, tuning and then troubleshooting the unit.  We were assured  that the heating and cooling system was in very good condition and we could count on it to last another ten years or so.  However, he then evaluated the HVAC duct system and found all sorts of deficiencies.  The ductwork system was over thirty years old, and obviously had never been professionally inspected or serviced.  Sections of the system were completely corroded, almost all of the joints were leaking, and he found multiple holes throughout.  Also, the ductwork was badly  jammed with various debris.  We then hired this company to handle the cleaning and sealing of the ducts, and he removed dust, a large amount of construction debris, mold, and even a few dead rats.  Had either of us run the A/C with all of those contaminants contained in the ducts, a large amount of bacteria would undoubtedly have been spread all through the house.  On top of that, the furnace and the air conditioner would not have been able to operate efficiently with all of that debris hindering airflow.  Once the ductwork was meticulously cleaned and effectively sealed, my husband and I were sure that the heating and cooling system would now be able to provide optimal comfort and excellent air quality.  We certainly made the right decision in having the unit professionally inspected.HVAC installation