Looking over our heating system

Just the other morning, our toddler was asking me the term “HVAC” meant because he heard my wife and I discussing it. He thought it was really cool when I told him that “HVAC” means “ Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation. He didn’t register that the word was actually an acronym. I told him how most buildings and locations in our country have Heating plus Air Conditioning systems in order to keep our rooms either frosty or stuffy. I reminded him of the time both of us chose to go to a certain fast food site, and the HVAC unit was broken. It was so frosty because it was in the middle of the Wintertime! It was so bad that the HVAC serviceman had to come and fix the broken HVAC machine. He sniggered and talked about how frosty it was. When I asked him, my son told me that he didn’t think anybody could live in a world with HVAC units. I then shared with him that a long time ago, humans didn’t have this sort of technology. He asked how people kept sizzling without Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. I then told him about fireplaces and woodstoves that people would use as HVAC equipment. I told him that if the summers were really warm, your only choices we sweating, swimming, or opening a window to feel a cool breeze. It was difficult back then apart from this technology, and people were just actually sizzling when the rapidly fluctuating temperatures climbed! My son said it sounded awesome because he liked swimming. However, he told me that he must be very blessed to have nice HVAC equipment, and he wanted to become an HVAC repairman when he is older.

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