Looking for alternatives to my air conditioner

I have been playing music for more than 10 years. I mainly sing and play guitar. I didn’t gig a lot when I was younger. I was more focused on learning and getting enjoyment out of the instrument for myself. I took lessons, and I played almost every day. I definitely could have had a better work ethic. One thing I did take great care in was the way I handled my instruments. It’s not good to leave most things in a hot place, and it’s especially a bad idea to leave a guitar someplace where it is very hot. These wooden lutes are best kept in a cool dry area, where it can be preserved. The instruments are sensitive, and they can even warp if not treated properly. I like to keep my guitars in the cases I bought for them. Some people like to hang them in the wall or use a stand for them i order to put them on display. I say to each his or her own. I don’t really have the room to keep them out all the time. But, I always make sure the temperature in the place I keep them is nice and cool. It’s nice having a split unit that allows me to keep the room I have my instrument cooler at all times if I have to raise the temperature at home for some reason. The last thing I want is for my guitars to deteriorate due to poor heating and cooling in my home. So, I make an effort to keep on top of my routine maintenance calls and the things I can do personally to keep my instruments in pristine condition.

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