Look for HVAC technicians that are NATE certified

Not every HVAC technician is a professional. Sometimes the HVAC guys are simply men with tools. How do you weed out the local handymen from the actual professionals? A good quality HVAC contractor is certified and licensed. The heating and cooling tech should take some classes to prepare. Also better HVAC technicians go into the field and act as an apprentice to a qualified professional. If the HVAC serviceman does the certification tests, and hours in the field they will receive NATE certification. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and it is for HVAC repairman that want to be a cut above the rest. Through NATE the HVAC guy does more than a few tests. The program sets them up with the training that has them prepared to do HVAC repairs, service & installation. You want HVAC contractors that hold this certification. This says that your serviceman was willing to learn the content and test his knowledge. Also NATE certification says that the HVAC worker cares about you and your home. He wants to do a good job, so he has done the extra steps. Some HVAC businesses make their HVAC technicians get this certification, but no everyone. So when you are hiring out HVAC work, look to see if you are getting somebody who is actually qualified. It is real possible you are just getting a normal handyman who does not have the knowledge or the training. They could potentially ruin your brand new HVAC unit. Take the time to look into your HVAC worker before they come into your home.

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