Living out of my winnebago

When my wife and I retired two years ago, we decided to sell our home and see the country. We purchased a used Winnebago that looked like it had been well taken care of. The motor ran well and the interior and exterior looked clean, so we took a chance that everything was fine. On our first trip we found the hidden damage. Heading to a campground in a very humid state we discovered that our new ac unit did not work properly. The HVAC unit turned on and made some noise, and it even blew some air out of the vents, but the air never cooled. I was so angry with myself for not having the HVAC systems checked and serviced before we left, and my wife was even more disgruntled with the lack of climate control inside our new place. So we spent our time looking for an HVAC systems repairman to fix our unit before we could camp comfortably. Having the camper’s ac and heating equipment repaired and serviced In a pinch cost me quite a bit more than I was planning on spending for that particular camping trip, but my wife and I were very thankful to have a cool place to escape when the hot weather became too much for us. We are planning our next trip to see some snow, and I am confident our heating system will be able to handle the weather, now that it had been serviced and repaired completely.

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