Living in an Apartment Instead of the Dorms

I have always felt very lucky that I never had to deal with living in the dorms during college. I spent my first few years at a local community college, where dorming wasn’t yet an option. Once I graduated from there, I went on to finish my four-year degree and found an apartment. I like to have my own personal space, and moving into an apartment allowed me to feel a little more independent. At the very least, I was able to have my own room, which I was thankful for! The only thing that made me wish that I was living in the dorms was because I knew that they had updated HVAC equipment. The college took really good care of their dorms, and provided air conditioning and heating to each and every room. In fact, the rooms had zone temperature control, so individual thermostats sent heating and cooling to individual rooms. My apartment, on the other hand, had terrible HVAC equipment. The rent was cheap, but the furnace was always malfunctioning, and the air conditioner blew out lukewarm air instead of cold air. I ended up having to purchase a small space heater for the winter, and a window unit air conditioner for the summer! I was always worried about my utility bills, especially during the winter. Of course, if I had just stayed in the dorms, I could have had brand new HVAC units, and no electric bills. Still, living in my own apartment taught me a valuable lesson early on in life about how important temperature control can be. Independence has its sacrifices, but it was well worth it in the end!


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