Letting the heater run on low

Every winter, the house always feels all warm and cozy. It can be very deceiving in the home. Your home can feel warm and cozy, even though it is absolutely cold and blizzard conditions outside. I often wake up that morning during the winter, thinking that it can be a summer day instead. I’m able to easily sit in my business office, tapping away on my personal pc. The warmth from the heating below my feet, makes the complete room feel nice. I watch the trees swaying within the wind outside. They easily go  from side to side, as the snow continues to fall more and more heavily now. It doesn’t feel like a cold winter day in the house. With our heating system staying on low, the whole house still feels cozy and lovely. When I was just a child, we only had a fireplace mainly in part of our house. Everyone used that small fireplace, to heat our whole home. During the cold winter, my parents would always use their kerosene heater for upstairs. The heater dehydrated the air, and made our nose bleed heavily some mornings. It helped to make sure we didn’t freeze to death during the  rough nights, but it was way more trouble, than I think we thought it was worth. Our entire upstairs was stuffed with this overwhelming gas odor in the air. I was so glad when my mother  moved to a new residence, because we had central heating and air conditioning. We slept much better during the harsh winter evenings, for that reason that whole house would always be  filled with warmth. I really miss all the little things which made this old house, sometimes.

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