At least I got to cool off

I have a very large, very energetic dog, and she tends to need a lot of exercise. If I don’t take her outside every day to run around, she ends up running around the house. She’s created some rips and tears in the furniture from running around, so at this point, I have definitely learned my lesson. During the summer, it’s easy enough to bring her to a dog park or take her on a long walk, but during the winter, keeping her on an exercise schedule can be really difficult. Of course, she has thick fur so she has no problems with being outside in the cold. As for me, I absolutely hate cold temperatures! Still, encouraging my dog to be active is an important part of her health, so I try to take her on winter walks. I bundle up in snow boots, gloves, and a heavy jacket, and I make sure to adjust the thermostat to a high temperature before leaving. I always come back so cold, so I like having the furnace running as high as possible. Our walks usually consist of me angrily trudging through the snow for about thirty minutes while my dog has the time of her life, jumping and running through snowbanks. I am always so happy to come back to the furnace pumping warm air through all the air vents! My house always feels so much cozier after coming back from the snow and ice. Afterwards, my dog is able to relax and sleep, and I curl up on the couch with her and pile blankets over us. Thank goodness I have a great furnace at home, because my dog would probably miss out on winter walks!cooling-unit