Learning all about HVAC equipment

Normally at my job I am busy no matter what day it is. I feel like I wear multiple different hats and I’m always helping out people within the office. I don’t mind helping out my coworkers but I do not like when I ask someone something and they do not help me out to return the favor that I gave them. The other day I helped one of our refrigeration and HVAC technicians type up an invoice for an HVAC job he recently completed. The HVAC job consisted of replacing a condenser blower motor that had malfunctioned on an HVAC system from one of our clients. The condenser blower motor was over 12 years old. Normally any kind of HVAC equipment that is over 12 years old should be replaced or inspected by an HVAC technician. Our HVAC technician did just that and needed an invoice prepared to give to our client. He wanted to state the cost of the part and the labor cost as well. As I was typing up the invoice I didn’t realize that there were certain things that had to be done before replacing a condenser unit. In the labor detail section of the invoice the HVAC technician wanted me to write that he would also be doing a cleaning of the HVAC system. This would allow the new condenser blower and the HVAC system to run efficiently and properly so the HVAC system would not be running as hard and wasting unnecessary energy. Everytime I type up an invoice for our HVAC technicians I learn more and more about HVAC systems. Maybe one day I will be able to learn and do some hands on training with HVAC systems.

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