Laundry and the cooling

I am not picky about a lot of things, but I like to have a lot of clothes. I spend a decent amount of money on each piece, so I like them to last as long as possible. It makes sense to have a lot of clothes because if you have a work, you have to look nice! During the weekends, you need play clothes so you don’t mess up your labor clothing. This is why I need a home that has a nice laundry room with fantastic air conditioning; Usually, I spend a lot of time in the laundry room, so it needs to have acceptable air vents with efficient air conditioning helping to keep me comfortable while I care for my beloved clothes. Well, recently, something happened to the ductwork, and the laundry room was no longer getting proper air conditioning. It was so overheated in there that finally I decided to start using a laundry place down the road, but then little did I know that the laundromat does not have air conditioning at all! I guess they know it is futile for the cooling system to try to beat out the heating caused by all those dryer units going all day. I was so disappointed in the lack of air conditioning! I stuck it out for more than 2 trips to do clothes, but then a friend told me about a company that will wash, dry, fold, and hang up your clothes for you! If it gets myself and others out of that place with no air conditioning, I am all for it! Until my landlord gets the Heating & A/C business out here to repair the HVAC duct, I will be sending my laundry out.

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