Laughing at southerners

I have to say, I’ve never been very proud of where I grew up. It’s a tiny town in northern Illinois that has nothing going for it except tons of corn fields, dozens of heroin overdoses, and explicit racism. My adolescence there was very boring and difficult, and I definitely did not fit in with most of my peers who relished in the country life and small town thinking. Personally, I was more drawn to Chicago, where I could go to punk rock shows and drink in alleyways. Since my teenage years, my opinion has changed slightly. The further away from Illinois I get, the clearer it becomes that I come from a land of hardy folk. Living in the south, in particular, has taught me that there is nothing quite like those tough midwesterners I grew up with. For instance, it’s recently been a little cold here compared to the normal climate, and people have been panicking for weeks. They’re so upset that it’s as if they don’t have modern heating and cooling systems at home, and they actually have to worry about supplying heat to their homes via old timey methods of boiler systems and wood burning fireplaces. Everyone is so fully wrapped up their full winter coats and hats and literally running from the safety of their car’s heating system to the welcoming warmth of the modern furnace indoors. Personally, I don’t think that it’s even cold enough to be operating your central heating system so intensely, but I understand that these inexperienced folks are literally out of their element.

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