It’s quite hot in here

Our last summer was very rainy and humid, and we got hit with a lot of storms. We experienced a great amount of winds and torrential downpours. There was a substantial amount of damage due to flooding and fallen tree limbs. On several occasions, during the summer, we lost electricity in the whole area. It took many hours for the power to end up being restored. On one occasion, the power was out throughout the night and the majority of the following day. The outside temperature was ninety degrees with incredibly high relative humidity. With no electricity, we cannot run our chill chest, sump pump, water heater, or even air conditioner. This makes life extremely unpleasant, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. My whole family went without showers, and additionally we couldn’t watch television, search online or wash laundry. It was impossible to sleep at night without the air conditioner on. Plus, without the sump pump, my entire basement flooded and I was left with a good deal of water damage. With the constant disruption of multiple power outages earlier this summer, I am really considering using a standby generator. The unit would sit outside of our home and be a permanent fixture. As soon as there ended up being any disruption in power, the generator would automatically crank up and supply immediate and uninterrupted power to our home. It would run my air conditioner, sump pump, and refrigerator together with all major appliances. Because it will utilize natural gas, I would never need to refuel or bother with starting it or shutting the machine down. Although a standby generator is fairly expensive, I think it will be cost-effective. I would certainly enjoy having my air conditioner and the ability to shower, plus I wouldn’t have spoiled food in the fridge or water damage and mold.

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