It is hard to sleep

I spent my childhood years in a family with a whole lot of children. Back when I had been growing up, I did not appreciate how lucky I was to have so many siblings. Once I grew, I noticed just what they meant to me. They were always there to deal with for whatever the needed, and they also were always there for myself. When it came time to begin with my own family, I knew that I too wanted to have a lot of children. First I had a baby girl, and she was the perfect baby. It was an encouragement to own another baby, after all she was barely any trouble. My second child was born soon after, and was another sweet daughter. Where did all these horror stories about being a new parent come from? I certainly wasn’t experiencing anything like what I’d heard. Years later, after some more babies were born, my eldest girl was messing around with her sister. Running around in the living room, I told them to calm down or someone could get hurt. Very quickly after I heard a loud crash, my daughter had fallen through the sliding glass door. She was okay, but the door wasn’t as lucky. It was the dead of summer and because I live in the south, it was remarkably hot out. I turned up the air conditioning as much as possible. I worked well for several hours and the heat that had been coming in through the smashed door was quickly cooled. However it did not last long enough. After those couple of hours it completely broke down. I called the HVAC company and was told that a technician would come the very next day. It got so hot in the house that we could barely sleep. Luckily the next day the unit was repaired and the glass door was replaced to boot. Now I understand why it happens to be so important to keep one’s own air conditioner serviced!

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