Is my furnace dying

Certain days I find myself cursing our home rather than praising it! I never desired to own a home. I simply loved the idea of leaving all the nitty gritty details and responsibilities to a landlord even if we had to pay a little extra in rent. My boyfriend promised we would be married within the next two years and really pushed on choosing a fixer upper to turn over eventually. He said we could use the money for a fun lavish wedding somewhere in Europe. I let my guard down as I was sucked in the dream wedding aspect of everything. Well, we live in a four season climate where a central heating and cooling unit is essential for a house. You just can’t get by with portable electric heaters or box window air conditioners. They are not at all energy efficient. The last thing we need is a costly heating and cooling bill. This house had the oldest boiler system and when I say old I am talking great grandparents old. The last owner swore that it pulled them through every winter and was an excellent source of heat. There was no reason not to believe them. You know where this is going, don’t you? Winter season came as well as the storms which were cold and extensive. The first time we switched on the boiler the air ended up being so stuffy that we were gagging from all the dust. Apparently, they didn’t understand the idea of changing an air filter or cleaning a vent in any form. The noise was relentless as it screeched, boomed, clanked and eventually made a screeching halt dying a difficult death. I gave my sweetheart the ‘I told you look’ and proceeded to call the HVAC service technician.

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