Investing in a whole-come cooling system greatly improves comfort and health of home

I live in the northern area of the country, where the Wintertime season is especially long and arctic.  Due to the icy and brutal weather, heating is always the priority, and air conditioner is not given much attention.  For years, I managed our summer season comfort by unlatching windows in the house and turning on electric fans.  During the summer season months, our home would oftentimes become uncomfortably sizzling and sticky, making it difficult to relax or fall asleep at night.  One especially hot June, I decided to spend the money to install a central cooling system.  I was desirous to get maximum value from the investment.  A whole-home cooling system isn’t cheap, and I was quite interested in making smart decisions.  I took the time to research the numerous manufacturers, models and options, and I also consulted with a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business for suggestions.  I was surprised that the replacement process didn’t create a gigantic mess, overly disrupt our everyday life, or take all that long.  Because of the forced air oil furnace, the duct system and air handler were already in the house.  Immediately after the modern cooling system was installed, I was amazed by how much more comfortable the house became.  Now, when the outside weather is overly tepid and humid, our home remains sweet and cool.  The cooling system circulates the indoor air, keeping my rooms feeling much fresher and healthier.  Also, the cooling component features multi-phase filtration, which filters out airborne contaminants and keeps our place cleaner.  I no longer have problems with water droplets on the windows, or mold and mildew on the bathtub.  Because our windows are kept locked down tightly, I feel much safer and I don’t hear exterior noise and breathe air pollution.  

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