Installing heated floors with our hardwood floors

My husband Russ and I recently redid all of the floors in our home. The house used to have these horrible, faded yellow tile floors. Russ and I ripped them all out and put in brand new hardwood. I read a bit about the process since my husband and I were doing the installation ourselves. In my research I found heated floors. Heating flooring is a heating system that works just in the floor level. It warms all the surfaces you set up the flooring and does it efficiently. The hot air never rises and also it uses radiant heat. This means all the furniture that touches the floors, absorbs the heat and gets warm. Because of those factors people set their radiant heater systems way lower and see a decreased energy bill. Heated floors is twice as efficient as a traditional furnace. Since Russ and I used a furnace and it was just about dead, we did the heated floor installation along with our flooring. If you plan to install your own radiant heating system, you should do it when you do the floors. The floors get wrecked it the process. Plan on ripping them all up. You then fit electric mats in the floor levels and connect them all. The mats have electric lines in them and that is what heats the floors. Then Russ and I installed our hardwood floors over them and protecting them. We now have new floors and a new heating system in the home. It was really easy to do the heater install as well.

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