Installing climate control

Doing the dishes can be very therapeutic. Many people dread doing them and leave them out, covered in food, for days. It is actually pretty gross. For me however, I find myself enjoying the work. The process is repetitive and thus soothing. Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing clean, sparkling dishes following from the chore being done. I have naturally cold hands, so I usually use the hottest water I can take without scorching my hands. It is the only tactic to warm them up, plus the heat further disinfects the dishes. Not long ago I had an accident while washing the dishes and it did sour my estimation a bit. I was washing a pot and cleaning out the noodles from the previous night’s dinner when I felt a chill in the oxygen. I knew I had recently cranked up the furnace so something must had been wrong. Making my way to the basement to look at the unit, I completely forgot to dry off my palms. I should have known that water and electricity tend not to mix. As I attempted to diagnose the furnace’s problem, I felt a sharp pain through my fingertips down to my toes. It was the 1st time I had ever been shocked. Not only did I need to deal with the pain of the electricity, but I also had to go without heat until a new HVAC system was installed in my home. I was pretty embarrassed to elucidate my situation to the specialist. I never thought washing the dishes could have such dire outcomes, or neglecting my heater even. From now on I will maintain my furnace, and always dry my hands after doing the dishes!

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