Inheriting bad AC equipment

My buddy Kyle just bought an great condo two nights  ago. It is over 20 years old plus has superb furniture, but needs a lot of work completed. Kyle invited myself over to look at the new movie room plus furniture he just had brought in. Chairs in the family room plus couches in the living room plus a table for the dining room. It is well stocked. Kyle also choose some blue paint for the exterior plus will paint the interior navy soon. The only problem is that the condo does not have a decent Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. It was not a good HVAC unit that was readily available back when the condo was built. Kyle plans to have a central idea updated very soon but he does not have extra money right now. So while Kyle waits, he is using box fans, window units, plus ceiling fans. The condo seems to permit the cool air pretty well, but will be a problem for the heart of the Summer. In our territory of the country, the warm seasons are quite hot, humid, plus sticky. I do not covet the uncomfortable heat the family will handle when Summer reaches its high point. I gave him the company name plus contract number for the Heating, Ventilation & A/C service dealer I have been using for sometime now. They do HVAC installations as well, but the closer it gets to better weather plus the longer it takes, the busier they are.

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