How to improve air quality in the basement



Here in the upper Midwest, we make nice use of our basements. My mom uses hers for food storage and a laundromat room. I want to repair mine up and use it as a pseudo gym/workout room, but the section is so boiling hot and humid, it’s almost unusable. I did some research online and discovered that I will need a dehumidifier. Any tips out there on what type of dehumidifier? Also, will I need to vent it outside? What about an A/C – what type do you recommend I buy? Please remember I am on a tight budget here. Thanks in advance.


To transform your basement into a functional section that is comfortable and healthy, you will just need two things: a dehumidifier for the room and a window or portable A/C. If you have a window in your basement, I would suggest for you a window AC. They’re pretty cheap and can be easy to install. If you do not have a window in your basement, then a portable A/C unit is the best way to go… You can vent all the boiling air to an section outside or up the stairs during use. Most of these come with a timer on the temperature control so that you can set it for several hours, or even minutes, and it will shut off automatically.

As for the dehumidifier, the small room model doesn’t need to be vented at all. You will need to drain the water out, but the frequency of emptying the dehumidifier will be based on how humid your basement happens to be.

Hope these tips helped you some… Good luck and get satisfaction from your up-to-date gym!

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