Importance of HVAC maintenance

I run an HVAC company in my city. I have a nice sized company with one or two dozen employees. Our HVAC product technicians stay pretty busy on any given day with our regular customers alone. If I had to estimate on how many new installations we now have per month, I would say between five and ten. The area we live in will gets four seasons of weather inside of a year. So, everyone is very aware that several HVAC unit is necessary to survive those seasons comfortably. Often the new customers are homeowners who bought out past rental dwellings, built their own starter homes or homeowners who have finally caved and realized that a formal system is much cheaper than piece mealing numerous heating and air conditioning options. While you can see this amount of customers help keep us busy, you would be surprised how many have chosen not to pay annual service fees. We try to explain to them that they are going to end up paying out more money on their heating and cooling systems should they break down, as opposed to paying the smaller regular maintenance fee that we actually charge. But they somehow believe that they are saving additional money, time and hassle by not having us show up regularly. The day their HVAC units crash and we see their humbled faces, we don’t need to say, ‘I told you so. ’ I just sometimes wish that people could trusting others, especially a nearby company who has their best interests at heart.

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