I’m so surprised we don’t have air conditioning

During the summer, my friends and I managed to get tickets to see one of our favorite bands perform. Unfortunately, the concert was all the way across the country. Since this band had not performed together in a decade, there was no way we were about to miss the concert. Because people couldn’t afford airfare, we all piled into my associate, Max’s, van. Max is the only one with a vehicle big enough to hold each of us. The van, however, is ancient rather than the most comfortable. Not all the windows open and there is not an air conditioning. It got very hot within the van, and we were all sweating, complaining and drinking tons of cold water. Because of drinking a lot and getting way too hot, we constantly had to stop. Stepping inside air-conditioned rest stops and gasoline stations was a nice break, although the trip took us forever. I think the best part of the trip was checking into a hotel during the nighttime. Our limited funds meant choosing the cheapest hotels around, but we made sure that the accommodations included a working cooling system. We didn’t care that we had to sleep three to a bed, and that the mattresses were hard, the sheets scratchy and pillows lumpy. We didn’t mind that there seems to be very little hot water and the televisions usually only provided two stations. All we needed was to be able to blast the air conditioning and cool off before stepping back into the hot and stuffy van. We had a great time at the concert, but I’ll never take another road trip without working air conditioner in the truck.

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