I’m highly considering an air conditioner

I have never made the commitment to install a central air conditioning system inside my house. I’ve always wanted to have air conditioning, but it’s hard to justify such an expensive purchase when the summers are not long. We have had some very hot and humid summers, but by and large, the extreme temperatures only last for a few weeks. After that, the summer quickly fades into fall, so I have much more of a need for a furnace than I do an air conditioner. Still, the past three summers have been really intense, which has got me to thinking that getting an air conditioner might be a good investment. I usually use box fans and keep the windows open during the summer. For the most part, this has worked well enough, but last summer I had an extremely difficult time getting comfortable. Not only was the heat and humidity out of control, but we had a huge influx of bugs, particularly mosquitoes. Even though I kept the window screens shut, I couldn’t keep the bugs out, which was absolute torture. Additionally, sleeping during all of that heat was just impossible. I think that I must have dreamt about air conditioning at least 10 times that summer! If I got central air before this summer hits, I would be able to control the heat and humidity inside my home, and I could finally get a good night’s rest. I don’t know maybe it is silly of me but part of me still sees central air conditioning as a luxury purchase not a necessity.

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