I’m happy about my air quality

While i moved down south, I had no idea how important air conditioning is. I was raised in a place that didn’t really require any kind of cooling system to be installed in the home. With our short and moderate summers, we were able to open the windows and keep the house ventilated. There was always a nicer breeze that made things feel fresh and healthy. That heating system took precedence, and I hated having to seal the house to prevent energy squander. The heated air became rather dry and stale, and I often suffered from issues with itchy skin and additionally chapped lips. I was very excited to go south, and hoped to never have to use a furnace like that. I was not prepared to cope with the challenges of intensely hot and humid weather. I am rarely able to open the windows, because it is in the mid to high eighties, even during winter. In the summer, with temperatures past one hundred, I do not like to even go outside. I run the air conditioner almost year round, and I installed a whole-house dehumidifier. The excessive moisture in the atmosphere results in problems with mold and mildew, headaches, and difficulty falling asleep. I continually clean with bleach to battle bacteria, and worry about the healthiness of my indoor air quality. I never had considered that a tropical climate would create as much challenges as the severe cold. Running the air conditioner costs me a fortune in electricity, and I’m frequently repairing property damage brought on by the humidity.

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