I think I screwed up

Living along the southern coast, an effective and reliable air conditioner is crucial. For the majority of 12 months, the weather is hot and humid. We get temperatures rising within the triple digits, and the excessive moisture is utterly brutal. It gets so hot and sticky that just going outside causes me to perspire and feel exhausted. A tropical climate makes it difficult to be energetic along with productive. Purchasing, installing and maintaining a sophisticated air conditioner is rather expensive. Since I’m always trying to cut costs, when the air conditioner started to cause a strange noise, I ignored that. There was a slight shake, every time it started up, and I knew that was a signal that something was going drastically wrong. I just hoped that  somehow it would either fix itself or not get any worse. Ultimately, the noise grew much more noticeable, lasted longer, and happened more regularly. I noticed that my monthly energy bills were a lot more expensive than normal. I definitely needed HVAC repair. Instead, I was content that this air conditioner was at least still keeping my house nice and cool. Gradually, my comfort and ease also diminished. On especially scorching days, the air conditioner ran non stop and could not achieve an ideal temperature. There were hot spots throughout the house, and the air felt sticky along with musty. I still waited until the cooling system totally quit working before calling for repair. Despite calling six different HVAC contractors, I could not get a session for several days. I was forced to get on without air conditioning completely, and was awful.

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