I love my job

I have to admit that I act like “el cheapo”  in every way I can.  I’m so cheap that when I go out to dinner I take as many napkins home with me as I think I can get away with. Likewise, I pick up extra ketchup and hot sauce packets that are on the table, as well as the packets of salt.  It’s a sure bet that if I see loose change on the ground, I will pick it up.  It may seem like I am being a cheapskate, but I think of it as cutting corners and saving a little easy money for myself.  I recently decided that I can survive the summer no cooling at home.  Where I live, about 10 months out of year exhibit  “winter weather,”  so getting a heating systems system was a definite priority. I only had to cope with two months of extreme heat, so getting air conditioning seemed like less of a problem.  At the start of the summer, I just lived through the summer time temperatures without any means of cooling my place. . After a while, I decided to try using fans, since they would only add a little to my electric bill.  I found out that the fans didn’t do very much.  Then I realized the air conditioning system where I work is just great.  Now, in summer time, I’m at work early in the morning, and I stay at work until late in the evening. I’m able to get my work for the week done at the beginning of the week, then I basically just chill out at work, watching the latest movies and trying to appear as if I’m very busy. Since I have to be at work anyway,   I might as well enjoy being in the air conditioning. In the summer, my boss acts like he thinks I’m the best employee he has ever had.. I get to work first thing in the morning and I am the last to leave in the evening. . I am always trying to think of reasons for gaining access to the building where I work on the weekends so that I can be in that air conditioned building.. Basically, I would like  to live at work with the 100% free air conditioning.heater cleaning