I have to do the cooling repair

Yesterday was the single worst work day I’ve had in all my work years. My alarm clock didn’t go off,  so I woke up late inevitably. Even my roommate had moved my toothbrush and toothpaste from where I keep it. Then, the clothes I had put in the drier the previous night hadn’t dried thoroughly. So, after dealing with all of that I didn’t have time to get breakfast before going to catch the later train for work. Traffic was just a terrible mess and when I finally arrived at my desk to start my day, I was in trouble for arriving so late by my manager. I understand that punctuality is pressing in any office, I genuinely do. Though, occasionally pretty much everyone has one of those bad mornings where things just go wrong, and it would have been nice to get some leniency and understanding in my first real tardiness. But I had no such luck, and had a pretty negative work day at the office because of it.  The train ride home wasn’t any much better, and when I finally walked in the door, I found my roommate had made a giant mess in the dining room that they left without cleaning up for the next person as is the rule. To make things even worse, when I went to turn on the a/c, the vents refused to turn blow out any cold air. I saw a post-it note on the ground, where it must have fallen from the controls. It was left by my roommate, stating the AC was busted. They had realized the air conditioner wasn’t genuinely working and all they did was leave a post-it note about it! So, after the day I had just walked through, I had to clean up their mess without any a/c and call to schedule an Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair appointment for the earliest time available. I was truly blissful to finally crawl into bed and be able to put my awful day in the books and behind me, even if there was no cooling and it was sizzling underneath my covers. Thankfully the three day weekend is here now and my Saturday is off to a much better start with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker should be arriving within the minute.