I am okay with this humidifier

I am been renting out the same apartment for 3 years time, and although I am happy with the space and location, I am considering buying my own home. I have enjoyed keeping in mind that a rented apartment helps me avoid the obligation of a homeowner. I don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, replacing home’s windows, broken garbage disposals or HVAC maintenance. It’s not my problem if ever the toilet leaks, the air conditioner malfunctions, or if the furnace has the scent of burnt rodent. I simply pay my rent, keep my apartment clean, and leave all the upkeep to the landlord. Sadly, I am wasting quite a bit of money on rent that could be used for building equity in a residence I owned. I am also at the mercy of my landlord. When the lavatory sink was totally clogged, it took him several days to finally get around to calling a plumber. As soon as my ceiling was leaking, I was forced to catch the drips in buckets, because my landlord didn’t patch the roof. Last winter, the heating system was making a strange noise and I automatically contacted the landlord. He promised to get hold of an HVAC contractor for restoration, but of course, he never did. The furnace gradually got even louder and no longer produced a sufficient quantity of heat. Since the outside heat was rapidly dropping, my dwelling quickly became uncomfortably cold. As I called the landlord again, and reminded him about having the furnace inspected. He assured me that an HVAC technician would arrive at my apartment in a week. A couple of weeks later the furnace completely quit, and left me totally without heat. It was twenty-eight degrees outside, and I could see my breath inside the apartment. I finally called a HVAC contractor myself, paid for the furnace repair and then sent the bill to the landlord. I’m still waiting to be reimbursed, and that was nearly two months ago.

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