HVAC zone control because I have four boys that fight

I have four boys all crammed in my one home. They are all close enough in age that there is constant fighting. I do everything I can to minimize the number of fights. Each boy is in a different sport, so there is no competing. They all wear different colored clothes so there is no sharing. We also rotate who gets the front seat of the car. The best is that my home has HVAC zone control. I used to have a central HVAC unit that had ductwork in our home. The heating and cooling system would keep the home all to one centralized temperature. Each room in the house was the same. The problem was that some of my boys wanted AC while the others wanted heating. Nobody could agree on a temperature control program. So when I had to get new HVAC equipment, I updated it a lot. I got rid of the air ducts in my home and went with a ductless mini split unit. Each son has an indoor air handler set up in their own room. The unit can provide both heating and cooling. Each boy has their own thermostat too. So they can set their own bedroom to whatever they want. One son can have high A/C while his brother next door has the heater cranked. Since the HVAC system is ductless, there is no worry of the other rooms being improperly heated or cooled. HVAC zone control has helped us out so much with the fighting and with my monthly energy bills.

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