HVAC systems are not my forte

I was a student in my third year of university, and what an experience it was! I was learning a lot, but I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life. I needed to consider soon, because most people decided on a major by their second year of college. I wasn’t in panic just yet. I knew I would likely figure it out soon. The other day I was in chemistry class and I was thinking about what to pick as a major. All of a sudden we were told we had to leave the building thanks to an issue with the HVAC system. Apparently, there was an issue while using the furnace or something. The building had an existing gas heater, and there was a possible gas leak with the HVAC system somewhere. I didn’t really know every piece of information about what happened. HVAC systems is certainly not my expertise. But I was fascinated that we had to leave so promptly. I asked my teacher what sort of gas leak from an HVAC system could have such a devastating effect for a chemistry class. We were being evacuated from the building like it was actually on fire! I found out from my teacher that some of the chemicals used in the HVAC system could mix with the chemicals in our class and cause major problems. Who would have known the reason we had to evacuate so quickly was because of a problem with the HVAC system. I was intrigued by this information, and decided to study heating and cooling systems in much more depth. Perhaps I identified my major!

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