The HVAC system I wanted

Each day, I deal with the same issue, traffic. Our city is one of the biggest as well as busiest in the country. I know when I step out of the door each day, what awaits me when I get onto the expressway. My normal routine is to leave at least 2 hours before I need to be in the office, this way, no matter if I wait an hour or more moving slowly through traffic, I still arrive to work on time. I leave my job knowing my return trip through the crazy traffic will be just as long and tiring. This one day, my air conditioner in my car decided it wanted to start acting strange. I live in the south and it is just ridiculously hot here, so climate control in the cab of my car is particularly necessary for me, or else I will arrive to my job looking sweaty and uncomfortable. I recently had a tune-up done on my car, but I do not know if the mechanic did any air conditioner servicing. There is no way I can deal with all the crazy traffic as well as the heat too. I need my a/c fixed, as soon as possible. I got the a/c to shut back on for a few moments by banging on my dashboard like a crazy person. It was as if the cooling system was playing a game with me, cooling one minute, and then nothing the next. I made an appointment with the dealership’s serviceman for as soon as I get off of work for the week. If he can not repair my cooling system immediately, then I have already decided that I am going to rent a car until my a/c is repaired completely.

HVAC unit