My HVAC system is broken now

Painting used to be a passion of mine, I would paint almost every day. I used to use it to deduct stress from my life I would put my feelings on the canvas. I had one room in my home devoted as a studio for my painting. When my HVAC unit broke down I had to take a hiatus because without the assistance of climate control my paint was just not the right consistency for me to work properly. I thought that it was fixed until one august afternoon the A/C unit went completely and it was already a very hot day in the dog days of summer. My paint was running everywhere and it was only getting hotter, by the time that I had realized that my air conditioner was still running just blowing hot air my paint was all but ruined. This was the second time this had happened and it was the last straw, like many artist hobbies painting is expensive and the “paint” is the most pricey of the equipment. So after that I ponied up the money and had all new central air conditioning and central heating unit installed. It came with zone control heating so that I could maintain the right ecosphere for my studio and save energy in other parts of my house. Since then I have been painting in serenity and my work has never looked better all thanks to a quality HVAC system.

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