HVAC and the sporting events

When I was younger I used to enjoy sports activities. I played baseball, I was swam, plus I even ran track. However, of these multiple interests, swimming was my favorite. I found being in the pool relaxing, plus it was indoors, I got to practice and do my workout in a space that was air conditioned.

          In university, I qualified for state competitions, and I always performed reasonably well. I wasn’t quite as skilled at baseball or track, but I suppose that has  to do with the fact that these were both outdoor interests. I have never been a big fan of exercising outside in the heat, so this would always make me slower. While I did not mind staying active, I much preferred being in a space that was climate-control while doing it. If baseball could have been played in an atmosphere that had an Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, I may have been much better at it.

          Oh well. To this day, I continue to swim as a method of staying in shape. It’s a lifelong interest that I am grateful I picked up early in life. I usually do all of my swimming at a local gym because the pool is in an air-conditioned space. Certain things will never change. If it were not for Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems, I would probably be unhealthy, obese, and I not be half as active as I am now. For this reason alone, it is worthwhile for me to continue paying for a gym membership. I want to stay fit into my retirement years.

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