HVAC repairs and loans

I have, for a long time, wanted to own my own home.  When I was finished with college, I had lots of debt remaining on school loans that I didn’t know I would ever get out from the loans. But I really achieved that.  After several years of keeping my money, I am finally within the distance.  I have been finishing with a nearby mortgage broker to help myself and others through the financial bend of the plan of a  home purchase.  My debt ratio to my bank account is at a level where I will be said yes for a loan and I am ready to home buy.  Through the loan dealer, I met my real estate broker.  After  multiple online pics, the people I was with and I set a day and time to begin looking at different houses.  After a few days and times, I find the ideal home for me.  Alas, the inspection did not go super good because there are far too few of things wrong with the house.  The roof is decent however the pipes must be fixed, the real issue is the central heating and air conditioner device.  The inspection strongly says yes that a current Heating, Ventilation, and A/C method would need to be put in into this older home.  Most of the air duct was in superb condition, and a good duct cleaning and a few splits sealed in the air duct was needed, and sadly, the inspection date also showed the gas heater to be in disrepair and would need some concrete done. Super concerned about the price, my broker said that the people I was with and I can cut down the cost of a current Heating, Ventilation, and A/C method between the several people to keep this deal as one.

ductwork cleaning