HVAC repair

Having lived in the south for over a year, I feel like I’ve ruined myself. Don’t take it the wrong way, I love living in the south. I’ve always wanted to move here from the north. The weather is constantly warm, I never have to shovel snow, and there’s infinitely many activities to try. Anytime I have some free time, I go outside to run, swim, or play recreational sports with my buddies. So how have I ruined myself? Well, I’ve become used to the warmer temperatures of the south.  Down here, it’s warm all year. Even during the coldest of winter months, the temperature can still reach the high eighties. Where I’m from, I’m used to thinking that anything above fifty five was warm. Now, if the temperature is anything below sixty five, it’s freezing cold for me. Although I’ve moved to the south, the rest of my family still lives up north. Everytime I visit them, it’s always wicked cold! I always pack my thick jackets, sweaters, and bedding, but I can never get comfy enough. Luckily, my parents have the best HVAC system installed in their house. When they leave the house, I bump up the heat and hang out by the furnace. That way I can warm myself up for a little while. When my parents are on their way back, I restore their thermostat to its most recent temperature. I know if they saw me doing this to the thermostat, they’d be very angry. This is why I try to do it secretly. So far they haven’t said anything to me about it, but I’m sure they know by now. I think their electric bills are much higher whenever I’ve visited them. I guess they don’t mention anything about it because they want me to keep visiting them.heating