HVAC products at the local concert

My home city is famous for being a great center of the arts. Every year we have a great local festival that celebrates all sorts of art. There is a focus on music and visual arts, and all kinds of cool, eclectic pieces get to finally see the light of day. This is a really rich cultural time for the artists of my city to show their work and really perform at a high level. There are street performances, of course, but there are also a number of venues throughout the city that sponsor performance events. I attended my friend Maxine’s show last year in one such venue. Maxine is a bassist and has a really energetic group that performs regularly in town. She took the opportunity to showcase some of her more mellow works in a local theater during this festival. When I attended the show, I was not only astounded at Maxine’s gorgeous performance, but at the space itself. The venue was kind of a hole in the wall, but it had some of the best heating and cooling equipment I had ever seen. I think it must have featured a ductless mini-split system, because I could not see an air vent anywhere. The thermostat felt as though it was perfectly adjusted to suit both the occasion as well as the weather outside. I hope that my friend Maxine selects this venue for a number of her future shows. I was really comfortable watching her performance, and this made me more receptive to her art. I think that the exceptional heating and cooling of this venue truly contributed to this!

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