HVAC products are clean

I should have never moved out of my parents’ house. Mom and dad warned me for years that I would be lost without them, and I should have paid attention. Not only did mom and dad assist me with my bills and buy my clothes, but they also provided a perfect home  for me to enjoy. I simply wanted to grow up too fast and was too eager to listen to their advice. So, now I am living in an old apartment, in the middle of July, without any air conditioning. I thought I had saved adequate money to rent a decent place with central heating & cooling, but I was not prepared for the high cost of everything. I was in such a rush to get out of my parents’ house  that I totally ignored the fact that I was accustomed to modern HVAC in my living space. My mom and dad’s house was perfectly heated and cooled all year round. I was never concerned about the cost of temperature control or the thermostat settings.  In the summer, I enjoyed air conditioning that kept  me comfortable, even with the humidity. The thermostats were in all  the rooms, which made it simple for me customize temperature. But, I still went out and attempted to be independent.  So I rented a place with no  cooling system. I miss my mother and father’s cooling system.  I am not all that happy on my own. Hopefully I can get a small portable cooling system that I can stick in the window.  It would  last me through the end of my lease.  Or maybe I should head  right back to my mother and father’s house.

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