HVAC is needed

Back when I was growing up, very few people could afford to have air conditioning in their homes. It’s depressing, but it’s true, and now everyone may have air conditioning if they want it. Do you realize that some states have ordinances that all new house built must have an air conditioning system built into the blue prints? I know… I now live on top of the mountain where it is stunning. Most summer days, you can easily open the windows and there is a constant breeze that cools our home. There are those sultry days when we must use our air conditioning units, but I doubt whether it’s more than two weeks through the summer that the AC is necessary. In the winter, we always make sure there is wood for the fireplace, and fuel for the generator. When it snows, it becomes difficult for the township to get their plows up the mountain to eradicate the snow from our streets, so we need to be prepared in case the electricity goes out. Heating is one thing that is necessary in our secluded small area. Like the breeze inside summer, the winter winds look like they can blow the home down. The windows rattle, and there’s nothing like the warmth of the furnace to maintain comfort. If the electricity goes out, we have our fireplace to keep us warm. Unlike the places that mandate air conditioning for new homes, we have heating system requirements, and it is a truly good thing. It wouldn’t take near as long to melt away as it would to freeze. But then… I do have a heating and an air conditioning system, so I rarely worry anyway.

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