HVAC horros and halloween

Last Halloween is one that I will never forget. Every year, my husband and I host a party on Halloween at our home. We do not have kids yet, and neither do most of our close friends that come over. Of course, we still have a big bowl of candy to hand out to all the little trick or treaters, but mainly the night is spent eating and drinking with friends. We look forward to this party every year as do all our friends. We have a bobbing for apples contest and whoever has the best costume gets a prize. It was the day of the big party and the house was already decorated. We were all set and ready for our guests. They started to arrive. Something spooky was happening. The HVAC unit in our basement was making very loud and scary noises. Was someone playing a prank on us? No, it was definitely the heating and cooling unit falling apart. The air was starting to get colder. I could not believe it. The HVAC system was shutting down. It had worked perfectly fine for years until that night. Our friends all got spooked and went home early. The HVAC unit ruined our Halloween. The next day, we went to purchase a new HVAC unit. There was no explanation for why our heating and cooling system broke. Were ghosts messing with the HVAC equipment? That’s what it seemed like. An HVAC maintenance man installed our new unit and it worked perfectly fine. Hopefully it would not break down again next Halloween. Then we would blame the ghosts for sure.

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